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What does my order status mean?

Order Placed
This is the first stage of your order. Payment has not yet been received. If you have used a payment method besides Paypal or Credit Card, it may take up to 2 business days for funds to be received. You may edit the shipping address on your order at any time if payment has not yet cleared.

Payment Cleared
This is the second stage of your order. This means we have received funds for your order. An email confirmation is also sent to you confirming this. More than 95% of the products sold on the MLN online store are physically kept in stock at our own warehouses (not ordered from suppliers upon receiving a customer order). Your order will now either proceed to a processing stage where it will get picked & packed or will move into a backorder/pre-order queue if the item is not in stock at our warehouse.

This is the third stage of your order. Your order is currently being picked, packed and will be awaiting pick up from the freight company.

This is the fourth and final stage of your order. This means we have dispatched your order and it is on its way. A tracking number will be displayed on your account allowing you to track your parcel.

Backorder/Pre-Order Dispatch Advice
After your payment has cleared, if your order is on backorder or is a pre-order, it will remain as this status until your order is shipped. The estimated date of dispatch for your backorder or pre-order will be displayed on your account, an email will also be sent to you advising you of the estimated date of dispatch.

Delivery Date Update
This means we have a more accurate up to date estimated date of dispatch. This date is displayed on your account and would have also been emailed to you.

Delivery Date Issue Update
This means there has been a delay from the manufacturer or supplier. This date is displayed on your account and would have also been emailed to you.

Receipt Request
This means we have emailed you requesting proof of payment. There may be a problem verifying your payment if you have made payment for your order.

Partial Payment
This means we have received a partial payment on your order and there is a balance owing before we can dispatch your order. An email with the balance owing would have been emailed to you.

Credit Card Rejected
This means your credit card has not been accepted via MLN's ANZ hosted payment gateway.

If your credit card has been debited, this will automatically be returned to your account with in 24 business hours. Payment has not been received; you may feel free attempt to pay again via credit card or an alternative payment method.

Payment Refunded
This means we have refunded your payment, an email confirmation would have been emailed to you confirming the amount refunded. If you have paid via credit card, funds will be returned to your credit card. If the payment was via direct deposit, a cheque will be sent in the mail.

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